Beauty Trend: Monochromatic Makeup


Do you want to walk out of the door looking fabulous without spending too much time on makeup, or having to learn a complicated technique on YouTube? The monochromatic makeup trend is your best bet! If you look up the definition of monochromatic, you would read “containing or using only one color.” The example provided would probably be something like “it’s a monochromatic room with a blue rug and blue furniture.” Pick a color, and use it on different parts of your face. It’s as simple as that! I love this trend for the spring and summer time, because it can be so simple and naturally worn on anyone. If you’re anything like me, living in Texas where the summers are hotter than hot, less is definitely more. Using light pinks, or light red shades can give off a fresh yet flirty vibe.

Ways to Apply the Monochromatic Look


When creating a monochromatic makeup look, I personally believe it’s important to play around with texture. For example, glossy lips, matte eye shadow, and a shimmering blush. This tip will add more dimension to the overall look. The pink monochromatic look I applied on the model shown above was slightly exaggerated with the blush product for the purpose of creating an editorial finish. However, I loved using the “Petal Power” blush from MAC cosmetics, because the product itself includes shimmer, and worked as a highlighter as well. Another product that came in handy was the “Pink Pop” blush from Clinque. I used this on her eyes, but intensified the shadow by applying a thin layer of clear gloss on top. I opted out of using false lashes for this specific look to keep it simple and light. A monochromatic look does not have to be dramatic, but feel free to get creative!

I’m excited to see how people use this trend moving forward!